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About Us

Who runs Spotlight Awards?

The Spotlight Award programme is a project of Welfare Scotland, a non-profit organisation in Scotland. Welfare Scotland lobbies the Scottish and UK Government’s to deliver a human rights-based social security system which puts the needs of those supported at its centre. It also provides free representation, support and assistance to disabled and chronically ill people and those who support them. The Welfare Scotland board is made up entirely of advocates who are themselves chronically ill and or disabled.

No bells, but all the whistles

We set up Spotlight Awards as a means to recognise and celebrate the immense contributions that volunteers and voluntary organisations make every day in Scotland. The majority of the awards programmes in current existence centre around in-person award ceremonies, the cost of which, in these times, we can’t justify. We believe that volunteers can still be celebrated without the pageantry.

We recognise Scotland’s community heroes

Scotland’s volunteers and voluntary organisations work day in and day out in a wide range of areas covering everything from care services and befriending to emergency response and supporting some of the most marginalised people in our communities. Regardless of the nature of the volunteering work undertaken, it is immensely valuable to the country and our communities.